PES 2012 demo

The exciting 2012 edition of the world's most realistic soccer game featuring great graphics and authentic teams

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PES 2012 (Pro Evolution Soccer)
PES 2012 demo

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, or PES 2012, is a soccer simulation game that has a number of excellent improvements from the previous version. Both the gameplay and the graphics are better than they were in the 2011 version of PES, but the title still has a way to go before it catches up to FIFA, which is possibly the most popular soccer simulation franchise on the market.

In PES 2012, the improvements are focused primarily around the general gameplay experience and the team play aspect of the game.

The game features a new and improved AI engine that produces team playing experiences with the ultimate realism. Attackers form effective units, and defenders move in synchronized patterns for maximum coverage. This means you can force mistakes, and the system for switching players allows you to quickly select any player no matter where they are on the field. The physics have been boosted to create player collisions of incredible realism, and the system for jostling players is much more smooth and fluid.

PES is a series that has a reputation for focusing on the gameplay, and in pursuit of that, PES 2012 is mostly an update to the AI of the system. The players move just as they would in real life, and they are much harder to beat than they were in older versions of the game.

One of the new additions to the game is an off-ball running system that helps you control your entire team with greater precision. The system essentially allows you to control a second player who doesn't have the ball while still remaining in control of the ball holder. If this sounds a bit difficult to manage, that's because it is. However, once you get the hang of the skill, it becomes critical for creating space.

The 2012 version of PES includes several improvements to the defensive system as well. Players will hold their formation with excellent stability even when they are under attack. Defending is now as intricate and involved as offensive play.

One interesting aspect of the improvements to this game is that it's easy to get chances on the goal since the defenders are highly susceptible when alone and the AI produces more efficient attacks. This basically means you won't experience games with low scores.

Beyond the changes under the hood, PES 2012 also features slightly improved graphics. The likenesses of the players have also been updated. Overall, the game has a highly polished feel, smooth animations, and engaging gameplay.

The demo for PES 2012 lacks much of the final quality of the end product, but it does provide a solid representation of the full game experience. You can play as Bayern Munich, Club America, Rangers, Tottenham Hotspur, of Internacional. For a more thorough experience, try the Training section. It includes coaching tools that help you acclimate to the updated controls.


  • Smart AI
  • Intense Training Mode
  • Excellent Graphics


  • Unusual Off-Ball Controls

PES 2012 is a soccer simulation game marketed by Konami and is available on home game consoles and Windows.

PES 2012 is the latest edition of the popular franchise and features a number of new additions intended to make the game as realistic as possible. It is absolutely true that in recent years EA Sports' highly successful FIFA series has cast an ever-growing shadow over PES, and this year's game is an attempt to take back what was once theirs, the crown of being the best overall soccer simulation available.

One of the most intriguing new features is the Teammate Control system, which allows users the opportunity to control a secondary player during the game. This allows the ability to have another teammate call for the ball and make darting runs into the box, allowing a greater overall control. The secondary player can also be used during a free kick situation, throw in and during open play.

Another improvement over the previous generation is the refinement of animations, ball physics and the overall pace of the game. Konami has taken great care in trying to retool the artificial intelligence and for the most part has done a fairly decent job.

The best thing the game has going for it is the incredible graphics. The players look superb, and the overall attention to detail is simply astonishing. This year's game has to be praised for a subtle yet noticeable step up in graphical quality.

Despite the fact that Konami has polished an already fine game, PES 2012 simply cannot compete with the FIFA series by EA. The animations are improved but lacking compared to FIFA, and the overall feel of the game is a million miles away from the realistic simulation provided by EA. This game in comparison runs more like an arcade game. The game is far too speedy, and the players don't respond nearly as smoothly as their rival counterparts.

PES 2012 is an improvement on last year, but it still has a long way to go before it can reclaim its crown as the greatest soccer simulation on Earth.


Smoother animations

Less lag with the game controls compared to previous versions

Better graphics

Overall improved experience


The speed of the game is too fast to allow for a realistic experience

Animations lack the quality of the FIFA series by EA

Not enough officially licensed teams

Arcade feel renders the game a disappointment

Some glitches significantly disrupt game play

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